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Sunrise Summer Yoga w/ Leanne*

Vinyasa Flow
w/ Mahlone
$10 per class. Cash or Checks only.  Multiple classes can be purchased in advance with NO expiration.

Vinyasa Flow
w/ Rita

w/ Rita
Give the Gift of Yoga - Gift Cards Available Upon Request
Vinyasa Flow: All levels welcome. Breath, yoga postures and intention are synchronized throughout this dynamic practice. Build strength and flexibility, focus the mind through meditation and pranayama and find grounding through yoga philosophy and inspiration.

Vinyasa Restorative: All levels welcome. Our regular dynamic vinyasa flow incorporating restorative floor poses, systematic relaxation and/or yoga nidra at the end.

Relax and Release: All levels welcome. A slower paced, meditative and breath-centered class suitable for all levels, including those challenged by traditional vinyasa, recovering from injury, dealing with chronic pain, or just looking to add a gentle class to their practice. Modifications and restorative poses offered to help you relax, unwind and release tension. 

Sunrise Summer Yoga: Offered between June 2 - August 27 in Cool Spring Reservoir. All levels welcome. We will share a breath-centered and meditative but energetic 45-minute practice that will have you greeting your day feeling calm and energized. Please arrive a few minutes early, wear clothing you can move in, and bring your own yoga mat. To reserve your spot, contact Leanne at LMcGrory@gmail.com.
Description of Classes
Pre-registration required for all workshops. To register e-mail us.​ Workshop Cancellation Policy: For full refund of workshops, one week notice is required (48 hours if the workshop is with Rita or Mahlone).
  myinnerlightyoga@gmail.com    |   302 897 9218
Fit: 62 Rockford Road, Wilmington, DE 19806   | Find us on Facebook
Exploration of the Yoga Sutras
First Wednesday of Each Month
7:30pm @ Cantina di Napoli

Join our discussion group as we explore together the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and dive into this deep well of ancient yoga wisdom. Meetings are after Rita's class the first Wednesday of each month. No prior knowledge of the Sutras is required.Just an open and curious mind! E-mail or call (contact information below) for more information and a study guide. We also like to preorder with Cantina the day of our meetings so please email Rita your 

Introduction to Ayurveda with Rita and Mahlone
May 31, 1 - 2:15pm
​Cost is $10.00

In this workshop Mahone and Rita will discuss the meaning of Ayurveda, help you gain an understanding of the doshas, determine your individual dosha(s), discuss the medicinal properties of the spices used in Ayervedic cooking and help you to understand what foods may be best for your constitution.  Mahlone will then host a cleanse in June.

Restorative Yoga with Rita
June 14, 1-3pm
Cost is $35.00

Restorative yoga is a unique form of yoga that uses blankets, bolsters and blocks to support your body and facilitate surrender to both the body and the mind.  This workshop will release tension, quiet the mind and bring balance  and spaciousness to the entire body.  Give your body and mind the time it needs to relax and rejuvenate.

Community Ayurvedic Cleanse with Mahlone
June 16, 7:20-8pm (after yoga class)

Together we'll explore a one week long Ayurvedic cleanse to create meaningful change in how we approach food to create balance in the mind and body. In this ancient cleanse, we will eat delicious, nutritious, filling meals 3 times a day, as well as explore other restorative practices to promote healing and harmony. 

Back Bending Workshop with Jennifer Sweigart
June 28, 1-3pm
Cost is $35

Why is bending backward so intimidating? The fear of falling, or injury, is something that influences many of our movements, and the level of anxiety seems to increase when attempting a backbend. In addition to feeling physically vulnerable when moving backwards in space, there is a tendency to feel emotionally vulnerable as well. I am always hesitant when introduced to unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations, but more often than not, I find that there is usually nothing to fear at all.

Explore ustrasana (camel), natarajasana (dancer’s), eka pada rajakapotasana (king pigeon), urdhva dhanurasana (upward facing bow) and modifications of these postures. We will begin with an asana class designed to warm and open the specific areas of the body necessary for back bending. We will also use props and special adjustments to move safely toward a backbend that is appropriate for each individual.

Sunrise Summer Yoga w/ Leanne*

Relax and Release
w/ Leanne

* Sunrise Summer Yoga will be held June 2 - August 27 in Cool Spring Reservoir